Welcome back to the show!

Welcome back to the show! All the world is a stage

With manic depression and clinical rage

Unbridled joy and inexplicable glee

A circus of colors and faces we’ll be!

Shuffling masks between smiles and tears

Holding back aching through copious years

Cynical smiles and ecstatic frowns

Paired with baby doll eyes and an Ice Queen’s crown

It’s been quite awhile since I swung on my ropes

The noose left my neck and I danced on my toes

It was a grim show, but I digress

I distracted myself with my own happiness

But what is a show if no one is amused?

So the rope now strikes the back of my muse!

Though the lions and tigers have long since been tamed

The stringless marionette lives to entertain!

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